Rediscovering Ensenada: Cuatrocuatros.

Welcome to Cuatrocuatros: a community development interrelated with its environment. With its 700 ha and 1.9 kilometers of coast strategically planned to offer the guests and residents the most varied living options, Cuatrocuatros makes up an impressive integral proposal: contemplation, fun, entertainment, intensity, balance and learning; carried out thanks to the efforts of field workers, architects, enologists, conservationists, agronomists and engineers, to demonstrate Mexico's full potential. All of this is in a setting of contrasts, where the architecture is based on the region's flora and materials.

The architecture at Cuatrocuatros is built on the dynamic interaction between the concept, territory and the landscape. A residential zone that offers the possibility of living among vineyards, olive orchards, flora, fauna and the sea in a rural atmosphere with cosmopolitan features; a qualitative hotel with a spa, swimming pool, restaurant, library, sports facilities; a rustic and colorful universe within the development that includes an equestrian club, vineyards, a mezcal distillery, bakery, coffee shop, greenhouse, botanical garden, cultural rooms and events areas, 12 cabins built by merging architecture, nature and fabric, wooden and steel materials. If we take all of the above into account, guarded by the Baja California desert scenery, it is easy to image that the days spent at Cuatrocuatros become non-stop enjoyment for one's senses and a natural stress reliever for all its guests and residents.

Peacefulness is part of the pleasure, starting with the integral security for us implied in living in a community because harmony and respect generate a standard of human quality; a tie that creates confidence and peace in the environment. Additionally, we complement the above with the most advanced security systems: entrance and exit controls, closed circuit video cameras, personnel trained and certified by the community itself, direct connections with various police corps.

There are 16 hectares of vineyards of a total of 23.7 ha in the quirky topography of the Cañon del Tigre. Cuatrocuatros is proud to already present a good supply of top-quality wines for the exclusive consumption of its residents, except for the production set aside to supply the project's restaurants, bars and stores.

Everything would appear to indicate that at Cuatrocuatros, nature takes on an air of adventure and freedom that invites everyone to be part of the natural world, without sparing comfort. It's an invitation to live the universe in many different ways so that the visitor can choose the one he or she likes the most. Cuatrocuatros includes everything in just one place, which makes it a great spot for living and vacationing.

Cuatrocuatros, a suggestive proposal to rest and recharge batteries. A great place with the best of the universe to enjoy every minute of life.