The first and only planned residential community and tourist destination with vineyards by the ocean in the Americas.

A development with residential plots in a natural landscape covering more than 2,130 acres of land and with 1.2 miles of coastline. The area boasts beautiful ecological reserves, three hotels, a winery, vineyards, olive groves, beaches, mountains, the ocean, and spectacular views.

This project has been made possible by several companies, consultants, and professionals such as EDSA, Taller de Arquitectura Mauricio Rocha + Gabriela Carrillo, Claudia Turrent, Gerardo Ceballos / Rurik List, Victor Torres Alegre, Hugo D’Acosta, Springall.

Developed along Mexico’s Pacific coast in Baja California’s Ensenada region: A New World Destination.


The Saca Corchos winery forms part of the Club’s facilities and adds to your investment, in proportion to your property purchase in CuatroCuatros.

One of more than 100 wineries in the Guadalupe Valley and surrounding region, Saca Corchos is currently in the area called El Casco but will soon become part of the club house overlooking the Salsipuedes Bay, offering high-quality facilities, cellars, and a wine-tasting room for residents.


Experience the wine-making process for yourself, from tending the vines in the fields and harvesting the grapes, to producing and ageing your very own wine.

Naturally complementing the surrounding landscape, CuatroCuatros has 54 acres of productive vineyards. The vines produce grapes for outstanding reds, whites, and rosés to add an extra dimension to your enjoyment and investment – this is the soul of the project and the source of your future wines.

Cuatro Cuatros
Cuatro Cuatros
Cuatro Cuatros